Holistic Counseling & Consulting for Life Transformative Changes

Thomas J. Reifers, M.S., LPC


Welcome to Northwest Counseling and Consulting, my name is Thomas J. Reifers, M.S., LPC. I am a licensed professional counselor who provides services by referral to the Flathead Valley and surrounding communities. Referrals can come from professional colleagues, friends, or family members, all of whom understand the quality of my work.

I have worked in the field of counseling, guidance, and psychotherapy since 1973. I consider myself a holistic practitioner, and believe in working to understand the "complete" person, such as their background, culture, religious or spiritual persuasion, family and extended family ties.

We are each very unique, yet share many things in common. Consequently, compassion, tolerance, and setting boundaries are vitally important to creating trust - the basis of all relationships. With this in mind, I strive to provide an approach that fits the individual rather than applying a predetermined view or psychological approach.

I have studied most if not all psychotherapeutic and transpersonal healing approaches and I draw on these to provide an in-depth process oriented approach to achieve the goals of each client. 

I enjoy working with people who don’t fit into the standard mold, so to speak. Especially those seeking a deeper experience of meaning, purpose, and self expression in their life.